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Trauma Informed Hypnosis Level One

Our eight-week virtual Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy Level One course gives you foundational skills in clinical hypnosis.


Trauma Informed Hypnosis Level Two

This eight-week virtual course teaches clinicians how hypnosis can be used to heal attachment wounds and complex trauma.


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“This was a really well-done course, far exceeded my expectations and is in a completely different league than most trainings I attend. I looked forward to this time each week and was instantly able to apply new techniques and ideas immediately after leaving class. I loved the ‘micro-skill’ and competency-based focus of our sessions--it really led to being able to instantly improve.”

“I am used to learning new skills via in- person multiday workshops so I wasn't really sure if this online format over multiple weeks would work and it really worked well! It was especially nice to be able to do this without having to travel, especially during this time of COVID. I am really looking forward to intermediate and deepening my knowledge and skills.”

“This was the highest quality training I have ever received in 12 years at the VA. It was up to date; beautifully managed and conducted and aligned with American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) teachings. It allowed enough time to practice all the skills to competence.”

“This was one of the best trainings ever! The small groups were so valuable and the ability to practice with our colleagues very important. Lastly it was so effective to have the coaches move from small group to small group, so helpful. I am grateful for the ability to attend this training.”

Meet Courtney

COURTNEY ARMSTRONG is the founder and President of the Institute for Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy, which is committed to teaching healthcare professionals clinical hypnosis interventions that are evidence-based, trauma informed, and empower clients to reclaim their own inner strength, wisdom, and resilience.

As an Approved Consultant for the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Courtney has studied under clinical hypnosis masters such as Bill O'Hanlon, Michael Yapko, and Jon Connelly. Known for her warm and engaging teaching style, she has trained thousands of mental health professionals nationally and internationally and has developed successful training courses for organizations such as PESI and the Veterans Health Administration.

Courtney also enjoys writing and sharing creative ideas for healing trauma. You may have read one of her articles in the Psychotherapy Networker or checked out one of her books such as Transforming Traumatic Grief (2011), The Therapeutic “Aha!” (2015), and Rethinking Trauma Treatment: Attachment, Memory Reconsolidation, and Resilience (2019).

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