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Teaching healthcare professionals clinical hypnosis interventions that are evidence-based, trauma informed, and client-empowering.

We’re here to help you use trauma-informed hypnosis to empower your patients to reclaim strength, healing, and resilience.
Our Mission

The Institute for Trauma Informed Hypnosis (ITIH) is a training organization committed to teaching healthcare professionals clinical hypnosis interventions that are evidence-based, trauma informed, and empower clients to reclaim strength, healing, & resilience.

How It Works


Our clinical hypnosis techniques are grounded in the science of memory reconsolidation and Courtney Armstrong’s signature framework designed to make real world hypnosis practical and applicable for therapists and patients. 

Courtney Armstrong

Trauma Informed Hypnosis Founder | M.Ed. LPC

 With 25+ years experience, Courtney Armstrong is a certified Approved Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Specializing in grief and trauma recovery, Courtney has studied clinical hypnosis under such masters as Bill O’Hanlon, Michael Yapko, and Jon Connelly.

She is the founder of the Institute for Trauma Informed Hypnosis, the author of several books, and the creator of the Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy approach. 

Through her work, Courtney has brought clinical hypnosis techniques to the forefront of the field of trauma informed therapy. 

Not only has Courtney guided thousands of clients to overcome trauma and grief, she has trained thousands of mental health professionals nationally and internationally and has developed successful clinical hypnosis training programs for organizations such as PESI and the Veterans Health Administration.

My Why

I’ve been where you are.

Twenty years ago, I was frustrated with the limits of traditional therapy when it came to helping my clients with trauma, anxiety, pain, and substance use. Although my therapy clients trusted me and were able to gain insight and understand what was causing their issues, they still struggled with feelings of worthlessness, shame, depression, and recurring patterns they couldn’t seem to shake – no matter what we tried. 

Doubting my effectiveness, I experienced the all-too-common “therapist burnout.” I tried CBT, EMDR, and other trauma approaches to help my patients. Often, these methods alone were too overwhelming for clients, especially those with complex trauma. 

When I began to supplement traditional trauma informed methods with clinical hypnosis, everything changed. Using hypnosis tools and techniques, my clients were able to find relief from anxiety and pain more quickly. My clients actually enjoyed hypnosis and found it enabled them to access hope, inner strength, and positive emotional states. Through hypnosis, we were able to reprocess traumatic memories in a less painful way so that clients felt empowered and uplifted.

Stunned and heartened by the immediate positive effects, I’ve dedicated over two decades to studying clinical hypnosis and refining techniques to specifically meet the needs of trauma clients. Through my work, the Institute for Trauma Informed Hypnosis was born.

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Courtney In Action

Listen to Interviews With Courtney Armstrong

Clinical Hypnosis in Trauma Therapy

Therapy Chat Podcast

In this interview with Laura Reagan, Courtney demystifies clinical hypnosis and explains how trauma informed hypnosis can support therapists in practicing more authentically for better therapeutic outcomes.

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Five steps for reconsolidating traumatic memories

Science of Psychotherapy Podcast

Learn the five steps for reversing the negative impact of traumatic memories as Courtney, Matt Dahlitz, and Richard Hill discuss how to elicit memory reconsolidation, the brain’s own mechanism for updating memories and making lasting change.

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Awakening Positive Emotional States

Shrink Rap Radio

Dr. Dave Van Nuys interviews Courtney Armstrong about how to awaken positive emotional states in your clients with creative interventions that use music, imagery, play, and movement.

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Building rapport with different attachment styles

Trauma Therapist Podcast

Guy Macpherson and Courtney talk about attachment and relationship trauma and how to build therapeutic rapport with the four primary attachment styles.

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Rethinking Trauma Therapy

Never Perfect Podcast

In this interview with Dr. Beth Cappechi, Courtney discusses the latest research on updating trauma memory networks and shares her approach to helping people heal from trauma and reclaim inner strength and resilience.

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Transforming Traumatic Grief

My Trauma Coach

In this interview with Michele Rosenthal, Courtney discusses six steps to move from grief to peace and how to recover the “lost” sense of self many experience after trauma.

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