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Join one of our live, interactive online courses to learn trauma informed hypnosis techniques and immediately start improving client outcomes.

Whether you are new to hypnosis or have had prior training, we’ll teach you how to harness the power of clinical hypnosis in a way that is trauma-informed, evidence-based, and easy-to-learn and integrate so you can get better results for your clients immediately.

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98% of graduates report the acquisition of new tools they could use immediately.

In pilot-testing our virtual training with over 250 clinicians at the U.S. Veterans Administration, 98% of course graduates reported they acquired new tools they could use immediately, felt more confident using hypnosis, and experienced positive outcomes with clients.

What sets The Institute for Trauma Informed Hypnosis a cut above over clinical hypnosis training organizations?

Trauma Informed Hypnosis Level One: Foundational Skills (25 CEs)

Our eight-week virtual Level One course gives you foundational skills in clinical hypnosis.

You’ll learn how to:

+ Explain how hypnosis works

+ Relieve anxiety and rumination

+ Deliver a variety of inductions

+ Reduce pain and foster resilience

Create effective hypnotic suggestions

+ Safely reprocess traumatic memories

+ Elicit hope and positive emotional states

Instill a positive post-trauma identity

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Trauma Informed Hypnosis Level Two: Complex Trauma (25 CEs)

*Prerequisite: Trauma Informed Hypnosis Level One

Our eight-week Level Two virtual course teaches clinicians how to use hypnosis to heal attachment wounds and complex trauma.

You’ll learn how to integrate hypnosis to:

+ Identify and heal attachment trauma

+ Clear guilt, anger, and shame

Manage dissociation and abreactions

+ Clear trauma related anxiety

+ Break habits and clear substance cravings

+ Reduce trauma related pain and illness

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Clinical Hypnosis Courses for Healthcare Professionals at the Veterans Administration

Designed for both medical and mental health professionals, our Clinical Hypnosis Basic and Intermediate training courses are recognized by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and show VA healthcare professionals how to integrate clinical hypnosis into practice to relieve anxiety, reduce pain, break habits, and promote positive health behaviors. Because we developed the courses for the VA’s in-house hypnosis training program, we are considered a sole-source provider.

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No woo-woo, fast-talking gimmicks, or guru culture.

We deliver creative and practical techniques you can use right away with explanations of why they work and how to adapt them for a variety of clients. 

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Explore trauma informed hypnosis through our free introductory course, the 4-part video series focuses on how clinical hypnosis works and can be used to improve patient outcomes and enhance trauma treatment. Plus, you’ll get to experience a little hypnosis yourself!

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